msaaq / مساق

msaaq is a SaaS platform aimed at teachers, schools and academies in the Gulf region mainly.

msaaq pay

one of sub-msaaq services, the msaaq team wanted to make an arabic sub-logo so we went with "باي'' and to decrease the risk of user misunderstanding we replaced "ب" letter with "پ" to highlight the foreign origin of the word, but in the testing phase we figured that the users confused how to read it, because it can be read as "pay" "buy" or even "bye", after that we decided to go with the english version.

Creators Podcast

This sub-logo is the voice of msaaq, and my goal was to make a dynamic logo of two words "صنّاع المحتوى" to be responsive in narrow and wide areas.

Adnan Haj Ali
Creative Designer & illustrator